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The Caring Child: How to Teach Empathy

Lynette Cameron | 26/11/2018
At Preschool we endeavour to provide an environment that promotes Manaakitanga.  Manaakitanga is the value of caring, kindness, hospitality and showing respect for others through aroha (love) and this encourages humility in the group.  Our aim is that every child can develop their skills to become the best person they can be.   How to teach empathy Children don't have the cognitive skills to truly understand the concept of empathy until they're around 8 or 9.  ... Read More
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Physical Activity versus T.V

Julz O'Neill | 26/11/2018
One of the most simplest and most effective ways to stimulate such brain development is through physical movement.  In this technological age, our children are growing up being exposed to more and more screen time. Research states children aged less than two years should not watch any TV, and those between two and five years should watch no more than two hours a day. This is because of the huge potential for brain development during these early years. The brain is like a super sponge in ... Read More
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The Power of Informal Play

Julz O'Neill | 17/9/2018
Informal Play is vital for developing children's fundamental movement skills and hand-eye coordination.  This summer, grab a ball and get outdoors with your children and have some fun in the sun! With the summer upon us, it’s a great time to get out and about with our children. The more we can do with children in their formative stages of development, the better level of skill they will have as they grow up. Toddlers as young as 18 months to two years, can roll a ball, and knock ... Read More
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